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2018 is going to be a big year for me - I turn 40(!), I finally become an Australian citizen, and I will be cycling some 3,000km to raise money and awareness for Dementia Australia.

I wanted to complete a substantial athletic challenge before my 40th birthday in September and have settled on cycling from Coolangatta on the Queensland/New South Wales border all the way up to Cape York, mainland Australia's most northern point.

The challenge isn't just in the ride itself, though - the really tricky part will be transforming myself from a reasonably unfit, mildly overweight middle-aged guy into an endurance athlete, capable of cycling 200-250km every day for over two weeks.

I am aiming to complete the ride some time in August - exact dates and route are still a work in progress. Over the coming weeks I will be putting together a website to track my progress as well as accept donations. I will also start inviting corporate support for various aspects of the ride and my training. In the meantime you can follow my training progress on Strava.

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