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The lie you always tell yourself

A myth we tell ourselves is often the "I'll do it when" lie.

I'll join the gym on Monday

I can't be bothered riding today, but I'll definitely go tomorrow

I'm not fit enough to enter that Enduro yet, let me get a little fitter, then I'll definitely do it.

I'll go on a riding holiday some day.

At the tail end of last year I put my cycling (and pretty much any form of exercise) on hold, waiting for the craziness of Christmas and New Year to pass. Then I contracted COVID (albeit, a very mild case) and I was out of action for a couple more weeks. Now I'm back at work, juggling a busy day-job and entertaining the kids until they go back to school in February.

The truth is someday, tomorrow and Monday, often never come.

If you want to do something or achieve something then you need to understand that today is the right day.

You'll never feel like it. There will never be the perfect time. You have to just dig in and do it now.

Go do that interval session TONIGHT.

Go signup to the gym TONIGHT.

Go book that event TONIGHT.

Go start that training programme TONIGHT

Your reasons not to will make you feel better in the short term. But in the long term they are just screwing you over. Stop making excuses and get after it.

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